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My internship consists of being an education and media intern for the company Ankuri. Ankuri is a non-profit in Uttarakhand that empowers rural women by creating jobs through knitting and education for their kids. My job consists of creating lesson plans to teach elementary school children English and promote Ankuri’s brand through social media pages by documenting daily of all the great things the company is doing. Since I am majoring in Communication Studies, I hope to go in the field of marketing and advertising to help companies that are doing great things for their community or helping those in need. I want to give a voice to the voiceless through social media which was what drew me to this internship. I am already giving a voice to the Latino community at the University of Michigan as I am their Communication Officer. I have brought many followers and people to join our organization which is what I wanted to do with Ankuri. I am expecting the experience will be hard because I have only mentored children and have not actually taught a classroom which is what I will be doing for the 6 weeks. However, I am hoping to overcome my fear of being the leader and get out from the behind the scenes where I feel the most comfortable when I am working on marketing or advertising. With this experience, I hope I get out of my shell and become more confident.

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