Blog 2

Working again as a reporter, I remembered how much I really do love being on camera. Being able to report for LMC-TV has given me such a great opportunity to not only add but to make my reel for upcoming job interviews when I graduate U of M. I had such a fun job filming and editing the package.  I loved being on camera and talking to people, plus stand up paddle boarding was actually super funny and easy. Plus I was able to develop my skills in the adobe editing software, premier. I have scheduled another package for next Tuesday, doing an interview with an owner of an Italian Restaurant in a near by town. I am so grateful for this opportunity. It was a hard decision whether or not to quite Steiner Studio’s, but I really feel I made the right choice. LMC-TV has given me the opportunity to develop an amazing reel, a super important element in a reporters resume when applying to jobs.

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