Blog #2

If you have already read my first blog you know that I have an internship in the sports media industry with (Linkback to my first blog

I also learned a lot about posting on the internet and tips and tricks to do with WordPress which coincidentally happens to be the medium that we use to post on our site as well.

After a few weeks of working there, I became interested in the social media aspect of their website as I followed all of their outlets and had some ideas that I thought would benefit the site. I confronted my supervisor and talked to him about possibly joining the social media team with them. He was more than happy to give me this opportunity and gave me access to two of our specific pages of defpensports and defpenhoops on twitter. He then went on to teach me all of the inner workings of Tweetdeck, hashtag tricks, how to properly cite your sources when reposting a form of social media like a picture or a video that someone else had given, as well as many other tips and tricks that have helped me learn tons about the realm of social media.

Because of running this Twitter account and being more involved in the social media run of things with this company it has become more of an interest of mine and a possible future job course, has definitely helped on the resume side of things at least.

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