Blog #3

An obstacle I faced was not believing in myself I was doing a good job as a teacher because I doubted my abilities since I had little prior experience with teaching. I struggled internally with a lot of self doubt, however, once my kids started to read by themselves in English to the whole class and be the teacher for a day. I understood teaching here at Ankuri was not for me only to grow as a leader and gain confidence but to teach these children at a young age these qualities. Their bravery and diligence to learn even after they fail allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities and be more comfortable with persevering through tough times. Being a Latina in the United States is a daily struggle, you have to deal with two different lifestyles and cultures within the U.S which can be draining. Your not Mexican enough when your with family because you are going to a college with primarily white students and your not White enough because of the Mexican culture you were raised in. Chicanas like myself struggle in the U.S to fit in because we have two identities. However, in India, I understood my ethnicity was more a part of me than I thought. I made decisions, thought, and acted diffrently in situations based on my Mexican culture. Through this experience, I learned to love and embrace my ethnicity more than I ever had in years. 

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