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This week I made a package I’m really proud of. It was not only shot well but I edited for hours. Editing is best when meticulous, but patience is not a virtue I have. The event itself also very much contributed to why the video is one of my favorites. This week we filmed a Fireman’s parade. The trucks and people came out in droves and it was so much fun interviewing all of the audience members and participants. I haven’t “man on the street” if you will, reported in a long time. It’s hard to ask people to be on camera most of the time your laughed at or you make someone look like a deer in head lights and than politely decline. You need to be very upbeat and always moving. It was a long night. But as I learned what type of people seemed to want to be interviewed as well as getting them ‘pumped up’, we got some awesome sound bites. It was also really cool to interview the town officials.


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  • August 10, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    Love the clips of the kids! So much energy. Great job!


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