Blog #4

I tried the best omlette in the entire world! This was an amazing experience to travel to Mussoorie which is so high up in the mountains it is actually cold in India. I also tried a lot of spicy food during this trip which I loved, but this was my favorite food experience because I loved how close we were all in the tiny shop eating breakfast together and just learning all about Mussoorie. It was such a lovely breakfast. I definitely found the greatest mentor, Mohini. She taught me that when making posts you really have to post something that is impactful and meaningful if you want people to care about what your saying. Not only that, she truly gave me a lot of confidence within myself when I felt the lowest and open my mind to new ideas about the world. My home away from home is filled with beautiful souls and caring individuals  Unfortunately, people in the U.S don’t get to see. Their image is corrupted by the man owning the gasoline store or the stereotypical women from Bollywood movies. These images don’t show the struggles of these individuals nor the admirable character they possess. Also, these is a lot of beautiful places, but there is a lot of poverty which was hardest to see. My favorite experience was going white water rafting. Eventhough I prayed the entire time so I would safe, it was the most thrilling thing I ever done in my life. It felt as if I was always on the verge of falling off the raft and into the Ganges River. I do not regret going on it because I left feeling like a warrior.

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