Blog #4: The Importance of Your Boss

Does your boss matter? A boss is a boss is a boss right? Wrong. It matters a lot. Especially coming out of school.

I’ve spent a lot of time this summer thinking about the perfect job to go after as I graduate in the spring. Am I going to make a lot of money? Is it going to be doing something I’m passionate about? Am I going to be good at it? Are the hours going to be tough? There are so many variables that go into it, but I’d argue that none is bigger than your boss.

First, because a good boss makes going to work every day that much easier. If you don’t like who you’re working for, why would you want to answer to them all day long? It’s like your mother asking you to do the dishes and fold your laundry all day every day. So I believe first and foremost it’s important to like your boss.

Second, be able to learn from them. What can they teach you? In a beginning role, where the assumption is you know nothing about anything, you are really just trying to gain experience. You need to plant your feet in an industry and know something well. It’ll be hard to grow forward if you don’t have an expert grasp on where you are.

Lastly, find a boss that is going to help propel you. They have the connections. They know more than you do. They know where the opportunities lie. Will they push you forward? Will they connect you with the right people? Your first boss is so important because they are like your Rabbi, or at least can be if they are good. They will point you to the promised land.

On the other hand, imagine having a boss that makes you not want to come to work, who doesn’t want to teach you anything and doesn’t care about your professional endeavors. Imagine your life on a daily basis if that’s the case. If I’ve learned anything this summer it’s good boss = good job.

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