Blog 5

I have truly enjoyed my summer at LMC-TV. I not only was able to create a great reel, but have been able to make a lot of friends. I learned a lot about being on camera. It’s really true that practice does make perfect and I am so grateful for the opportunities that LMC had given me. I have made multiple packages and even am in the process of creating my reel. I am going to study abroad in London this upcoming Fall semester. I am really excited but also realize that I will be too distracted to really concentrate on the job search. Because of this I am beginning to invest myself now in looking for jobs for after graduation. Having a reel is a key tool in this job search. It’s mandatory for the resume of a reporter. I am looking into the northeast area for my search as I would want to be close for home during the early years of my career while I get on my feet. I am also looking forward to my final semester at U of M where I will be able to take the skills I have honed during my time at LMC and be able to put them into practice while on air and behind the scenes at WOLV TV.

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