Blog post #4

This past week marked my last week at AJC and I can’t believe how fast the summer has gone.

My favorite experience as an intern this summer was knowing that the work I did was used for real life, consequential, global pursuits. In many of my past internships I had a hand in doing most of the administrative work and never really saw the impact of my work in a larger, more important context. At JBI however, I felt that many of the projects I worked on were used to achieve a broader goal. For example the UN CAT negotiation chart that I discussed in previous posts was brought to Geneva by my boss for the conference. It was then subsequently distributed and used by all the representatives of different nations and NGOs to facilitate negotiations. Knowing that the work I did for this specific project has global ramifications is incredibly empowering. Similarly, another project I worked on earlier in the summer regarding anti-Semitic legislation from 2001 through present day is now being reviewed to be added to a published document that discusses anti-Semitism throughout time. It is amazing to know that the work I have done over the past eight weeks is being used in practical and important ways.

Additionally, I really enjoyed working with the people and the environment of AJC. Unlike other companies that I worked at in the past, AJC fosters a truly tight-knit, supportive environment. All of the people I worked with and encountered at AJC were friendly, willing to help, and eager to mentor. To me, this was an especially important characteristic of the place I worked. I felt supported in my endeavors and constantly guided by my colleagues to do the best work I could do which made my experience all the better.

These two things combined made my favorite experience as an intern this summer and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to work at AJC/JBI!

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