Discovering A New Skill | Blog Post 4

At this point, I have all of my articles done for the magazine (well hopefully, because my boss keeps randomly assigning more unnecessary ones). I thought that’s where the hard work would stop, but apparently this is where it really starts. I was under the impression that we were going to hire a graphic designer to put everything in a magazine format, but apparently it’s going to be on us. I hit the ground running and just dove in to see what I could do despite absolutely zero training in art or graphic design. However, I’ve discovered that I’m actually pretty damn good at it. I have been flying through my articles and everyone that I’ve shown my draft to said that it looks like an actual magazine, not like a random page that an inexperienced intern threw together, because that’s what I was thinking was going to be the result at first. But the more I work with the software and get more comfortable, the happier I am with the way it’s coming out. Now I don’t think this discovery of a new skill is going to drastically change my career plan of course, but at the least, I’ve discovered a new hobby and could try to help out with websites/flyers for the student orgs I am a part of. Additionally, I have recently launched a website ( where I blog about entertainment and other related stories, so this skill will no doubt help me to learn to spice up the website a little.

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