Favorites | #4

Though most of my job has consisted on the back-end of things, my favorite part was getting out of the office and witnessing one of the events, The Longest Day. Essentially on the summer solstice, people team up with the Alzheimer’s Association and choose an activity to do whether its playing soccer or hosting a dinner party and fundraise for their team. It is just another way for the association to fundraise but in an entertaining and personalized way. What I enjoyed so much about the day was being able to see all these different locations hosting events yet still be united for the cause. While we had a several local vendors set up on a field with activities like bubble soccer, restaurants around Ann Arbor were also a part of it by donating a percentage of their profits towards the organization. Since I have yet to participate in a walk, this was my first taste of seeing all the people we contact and ask to join the cause so it was extremely exciting to put faces to all the phone calls and emails.

Another aspect of my internship I have enjoyed are the people. My boss has been so friendly and willing to help me get whatever I want most out of this opportunity. It is often intimidating to talk to someone so knowledgeable but she always is there to further explain things and has been a great mentor. My boss even set up meetings for me with every department head so I could see all the aspects of the organization. It is encouraging to have people so willing to teach their craft as it makes learning about a job that much easier. Other interns in the office have also been impactful since the other two were in charge of communications and the other public policy. It’s interesting to see the different tasks we each were responsible for and how they all contributed to the same higher goal.

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