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As my internship comes to a close, I have really been reflecting on what life holds for me next and how I will approach graduation. Initially, my plan was to apply to law school this coming fall and then attend law school next fall. I wanted to go right through school and finish all my schooling as quickly as possible. I had no intentions of taking a gap year or an extra year in school. However, after reflecting back on this internship and the wonderful experiences I have had, I started to think about getting extra work experience in the communications/marketing or broadcasting fields. Specifically, this internship has really strengthened my communication skills, and I now understand how important Communications departments are to the success of a corporation. Before this internship, I didn’t really understand the purpose of having a communications department in any organization. I thought it was easy enough for people to communicate effectively on their own and that having a department for this purpose was useless. To be a communications department head, exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills are necessary. You have to be able to relay messages, take in a lot of information, and connect all the dots and bits and pieces of various departments. Most importantly, however, in some cases the director of communications speaks on behalf of the company in external relationships with other companies. For example, when the network has to work with various sponsors such as Hulu, the communications director is the one who speaks on behalf of the network in those deals and negotiations. The way in which the director represents the company’s brand and objectives to sponsors is crucial. It’s also important that the communications director relays the information that he learns accurately to the people that work under him. This is a role that I could see myself thriving in. I have a very organized personality and I get along well with people that I’m not super familiar with, which are essential qualities for anyone who is involved in communications. Communications is an intricate field that I plan on exploring further after college. My interests also grew in marketing. Specifically, marketing requires an infinite amount of creativity, ingenuity, and innovation. There is a lot of pressure within the field to always keep up with societal trends, so that a person or company can be the first to create a new product that society finds useful in some way. This is what I find so interesting about marketing. Another interesting part of marketing, and something I touched on last week was the creation of a personal brand. This internship has left me far more knowledgeable about what it takes to create and maintain and successful brand. This is something that I plan to start working on as I apply to jobs and other internship programs. Lastly, while my internship was not primarily focused in the field of broadcasting, my interest in being a broadcaster has heightened. A few weeks ago all of the interns had a lunch with the lead anchor of the network, Dave Revsine. Hearing his story and journey and everyday life as the lead network anchor was very inspiring. Over the course of our lunch and learn with Dave, he said something that generated a thought in my head. The thought was that broadcasting perfectly combines the field of communications and marketing.  Specifically, as a broadcaster, you are responsible for communicating effectively with the public as well as maintaining and promoting the brand of the company you are broadcasting for. This is a neat and perfect match between marketing and communications. Reflecting on all of this, I have decided that I will take a one year gap year after undergrad (after the gap year I will attend law school). I am currently looking for jobs at various broadcasting companies. This gap year in either communications, marketing, or broadcasting will really allow me to delve further into these fields, and hopefully discover my passion. A gap year in between undergrad and law school is the perfect time to figure this out. I am very thankful for this internship. Without it, I may not have had such a reflective summer, and one that allowed me to discover the direction I want to take my life in.  

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  • August 9, 2017 at 2:42 pm

    So glad this internship has helped shape your next step!


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