Hard days: Blog post #2

As part of my duties as a legal intern at Mil Mujeres, I have to do follow up with clients and sometimes ask difficult questions that sometimes bring them back to a dramatic experience. The primary work the office does is U-Visas which are given to people who have survived a violent crime in the US and have cooperated with the police. It is hard for people to be vulnerable enough to hand their information to immigration in hope of being granted legal stay inside the US. Many times I have had to answer calls from clients who are worried about President Trump and the political climate that may put them in danger as illegal immigrants.


It is very rewarding helping people get the chance to a better life without fear. The other side of the job requires me to let clients know that immigration has a long wait for visas. It is hard to listen to the very valid concerns but all I can tell them is to be patient.


I want to be able to do more for the clients I am helping, but I know that in the future when I am a lawyer I will be doing more to help them.

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