Honesty is the Best Policy | Blog #4

Recently, our group of interns were assigned to work for a serious case involving looking over some discovery files and videos. While I can’t talk about much of the details of the case, I thought there were some interesting instances in these videos that gives way to understanding how some circumstances can have a large impact as to how a person behaves. One of the videos recorded was an interview with the suspect who’s crime looked like a hate crime. The interview was conducted by two interviewers and one of the parents was also present. However, whenever the suspect was asked a question, the suspect wouldn’t answer very clearly and his answers to sequence of events often seemed contradictory and unclear.

After about half an hour, one of the interviewers leaves and so does the mom. When only one of the interviewers was present, the suspect was much more willing to give out their side of the story. We didn’t have to struggle much to listen in on the interview anymore. The initial first half of the interview were just full of small mumbles and nods/head shakes. With only one other person present in the room, the suspect was more than glad to give out more details, they even stood up on one occasion to let the interviewer know what they were talking about. This goes to show the effect the number of people present in a room can have on a person that is giving out sensitive information.

On a different note, I was very curious about as to why the suspect didn’t have an attorney with them in the interview, so as to avoid self-incrimination. There were many times in the interview when I noted that his statements could possibly incriminate them, even if they’re innocent. This case is being looked at by a fairly large audience, so I was surprised as to why he wasn’t helped out by an attorney.

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