Informational Interview 2

As an intern in the custom publishing department, I thought it fitting to talk to the general manager of custom publishing for my second interview. Ed told me that his position requires him to be responsible for managing all aspects of custom publishing. These responsibilities include publishing for hirers and producing media for clients under contract. Ed confided in me that he had hoped to work for a daily newspaper when he was my age, but that the newspaper industry was declining and there were more opportunities for him in magazine if he wanted to stay in the Detroit area. He was a double major at Wayne State University, studying english and journalism. He believes that their journalism program was spectacular, and really helped him be successful today. Working for his high school newspaper was another factor that prepared him for his current position at Hour. He interned with Cranes in college, and ended up being offered a job there, where he stayed for around 7 years. Ed told me that many employees at Hour were also interns at one point, and were offered positions based on their work with the company. He thinks that the work environment at Hour affords people to be creative and do their best work. He wanted to distinguish that there is a difference between newspaper and magazine, even though they often get painted with the same brush. Ed does not believe that print is dying, but rather that some newspapers are having a tough time. He explained that there are new magazines launched every year, and magazines that go out of business every year, but that has always been the case. Success in the newspaper or magazine industry is all based on the company’s ability to stay relevant and connect with its readers and advertisers. Ed said that Hour is already pretty narrow with its audience and its geographical region that it serves, so it is very important to maintain relevancy with its readers. He said that, although the print media is very central, there are also other factors such as events or social media that are significant. He believes that data about the readers and advertisers is key to Hour’s success, and confirmed that it would be a good idea for me to take a path that is involved with data. As long as I am still passionate about my studies, he supports the data path, as it is increasingly crucial to the magazine industry.

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