Informational Interview with Someone Outside the Workplace

This summer I have been given the opportunity to talk to many people in the Cleveland Area, both in my areas of interest and out. As I have mentioned in other posts, I am part of an internship immersion program through Cleveland Hillel. The goal of the program is to give interns opportunities to talk with business people and discover business opportunities for after graduation in Cleveland. Through this, I have had multiple opportunities to network and continue my conversations outside of the program hours.

Through a networking event, I surprisingly ran into a person living and working in Cleveland, Graduated from the University of Michigan, and is working in a communications related field. The network created through attending U of M is truly boundless.

Though we talked about her and how she got to the position she is at today, I felt that the best part of our conversation was advice about Graduate School, the importance of a degree related to your field, and giving me a list of Job Titles in the “real world” that I may not have heard of and that she thought aligned with my interests.

It was wonderful to have a list of positions to look up that I never heard of. Because I could miss these opportunities when job searching, and in general when looking into jobs in my field of interest.

When earning a degree in communications, I will not have a focus. Though this is not necessary, it is important for my own search to know what my focus is. There are plenty of people hiring a marketing director or a graphic designer; these two position titles were the exact keywords I used when searched through job postings and hiring websites. The issue is that these words are very vague and could mean many different things depending on the company posting the position. That’s why learning other titles of positions that are both more specific and are in my interest are important for not only learning about my own desires in a job but also in searching through the thousand s of “Marketing” and “Designer” positions hiring.


I am a Communications student at the University of Michigan. I love singing, graphic design, and anything creative.

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  • August 29, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    Insider information is truly beneficial when navigating the job search! Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your next search!


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