Jellies for Days | #6

Last week I took on independent work at the lab. This is a really great feeling because it shows that I’ve learned some techniques throughout my time here and that I can really conduct work on my own. I went out and collected some orange and blue colored jelly fish on the coast in the town over and brought them back to lab. I cut up 10 of them and put them into test tubes to eventually sequence their DNA. Then I measured, weighed and froze 14 of them. It was actually pretty fun to play with these jellies, like every kid’s dream haha.

There has been a an ongoing festival in the central square here with ballet or music every night. It is all in either Italian or Slovenian, the two official languages here. There are loads of Italians here on vacation and this festival incorporates some of their traditions like the classic opera singing. I’m so lucky to be living in a tourist area because there’s always new things to do here!

However, the people that actually live in Piran from generations back are really not that wealthy. There aren’t nice shops or many privately owned stores besides restaurants. Now I think the cost of living has gone up significantly in the past 10 years, probably making it hard for the locals.


Biology and Environment major at the University of Michigan. Boston --> Ann Arbor --> Piran, Slovenia. I <3 sailing, backpacking, theater, and baking.

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