Last Week.

I am currently in my last week of my internship at Thyng in Chicago. This summer has truly been a great experience for me. Working at a technology start up is something that I knew that I always would want to experience, so it is great that I got to experience it so early in my life.

Work was really just an awesome environment for me. I never once remember dreading coming to work. Being interested in technology and computer science made my job feel just like something I was doing for fun. Throughout the entire summer, I was exposed to all different types of technology. Even if I wasn’t doing anything too complicated, I was still around technology and using different types of technology in order to accomplish my work.

Living in Chicago was an incredible experience for me. Looking back on my time here, it seems like it would be a great place to potentially work one day. The city life here is great, while not feeling too hectic like NYC does. Also, being on the coast of Lake Michigan was definitely a great perk for living here during the summer. So, I am finishing up some of my final work here as I am heading back home Friday afternoon. This summer was full of amazing memories and hopefully one day I can end up back in Chicago.

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