Logistical Work | #3

With the weeks flying by and the program nearing closer and closer, we had to make sure that we were completely finalizing the program schedule. We contacted all of the administrators that we had hoped to have during different parts of the program and confirmed their availability. We also confirmed times for the different rooms we were reserving for activities as well as making sure to have backups in case of weather conflicts. We also meet with different faculty, presenting the program schedule we had created to receive criticism and help to finalize it.

Having participated in the program for multiple years, I had never realized the extensive work behind the actual organization and structure of it. There is a lot of logistical work that goes behind insuring that every part of the program is running smoothly, especially making sure to always be problem solving for issues that may arise unexpectedly. The program is nearing its start and I’m so excited for it to begin.

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