New Found Mentor. #3

During this internship, I have had the opportunity to reach out and explore different resources here at the university. One of the resources that I looked over the most was those current members of my community and workspace and those who have came before me. After a few weeks of work and talking with the members of my workspace, I came across one individual who has influenced me in a very positive way. That individual is a Michigan Alumni and came across my colleagues and I as a mentor; his name, Cesar Vargas.

What intrigued me the most about Cesar was the level of professionalism that he carried despite of his identity and what was expected of him. Just like myself, Cesar comes from an inner-city community, from a lower social economic household, and comes from Mexican descent. although he faced more adversity than i did with the latter, he learned to overcome all his struggles by creating a strong community of individuals who pushed him daily and by developing the tools he needed to succeed.

As time goes on, he has told me he sees that many of the struggles that I face now are many that he faced and so through conversation and amazing networking, Cesar has influenced my life to an extent I believe even he is not aware of. I look forward to continuing my conversations with him, learning from his experiences in the future, and through those learned experiences, come for everything I was told I couldn’t have.


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