Overall Progress | #3

By now, I am more than halfway done with my internship at the Red Cross. I am starting to look back at my summer and evaluate what I have accomplished throughout my time with the Red Cross. Honestly, I feel like I haven’t completed any big project. I am working on two big projects and then I have completed a bunch of small projects. The small projects include things like weekly emails, helping with events, and casework. My big projects both involve outreach into the Los Angeles community. One of my projects involves the Red Cross Measles and Rubella Initiative. The LA branch currently does not have much they are doing for the Measles and Rubella Initiative so my supervisor passed it on to me to reach out to local universities and organizations that we could partner with. After calling and speaking with a handful of organizations, I have not much return success. My supervisor does not really have much else to offer for what I can do so I feel stuck. I kind of wish I did not take this project on because there was not much potential for what could be done. I think my supervisor also did not know what to do so just handed it off. My other project involves planning an outreach event focused on organizations and businesses that directly help the African community in Los Angeles. They do not have any contacts for this so I have just been researching people in the Los Angeles region and contacting them. I have gotten little interest in this event and am not sure if it will end up happening. Also, my supervisor gave me this event to plan a week before my internship concludes so I am assuming I will be leaving with a lot of the event unplanned, which makes me feel like I did not do my job. Again, my supervisor is very engaged but not super helpful so it’s difficult.

Looking back, I know I completed a fair amount during my time here but I don’t feel very accomplished within my internship. By the end, I hope I will have more clarity with my performance during my internship.

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  • August 8, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    Hey Emily, sounds like not everything about your experience this summer has ended up being what you expected. Talking to friends, it seems like you are definitely not alone with having a boss that is not super helpful. Luckily, you will learn valuable lessons from this experience and your projects.


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