Returning Next Summer-#4

Living on Mackinac Island has been a really unique experience this summer. Island life can be tricky, and it took some navigating and problem solving at first, but now I love it here. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows everyone else, and news travels fast. This surprised me with it being a tourist town, one would think that with thousands of people coming through everyday faces wouldn’t stick, but they do. It’s nice to walk through town at the start of each day and hear people saying “Good Morning” to one another.

Some of the downsides of living here include the lack of groceries, an excess of hills, and everything takes three-times longer than it should to get done around here. There is only one grocery store, and it’s very expensive. Everything has to come over by boat, and fresh produce doesn’t last long. I’ve gotten use to the struggles of living here, and now I rather enjoy it’s quirks. For groceries, I travel by ferry to the mainland every few weeks, and I have gotten use to walking up and down the hills. I bicycle a lot of places, and I have learned to take my time to enjoy things.

I plan to return next summer to the Mackinac State Historic Parks and the island working full time as a historic interpreter. I love the history of the region, and especially enjoy sharing it with other people. I look forward to my future and Mackinac Island. I know understand why people love it here so much.

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