Starting with the City | # 1

I was interning in the City Manager’s Office in the City of Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California. I grew up in this city and have always been curious about what working in local government entails so that is what drew me to this opportunity. There was no position posted online so I decided to cold contact the Sustainability head for the City and ended up landing an internship. I am interested in pursuing a career in environmental efforts and sustainability and am unsure of what route to take so I decided to start trying out potential paths.

My position at the City was a Management Aide Intern for Sustainability. There is a program instilled in the City called Healthy RC that focuses on promoting mental health, physical health, and environmental health; my job was to focus on the environmental health sector. My work plan described 5 tasks for the duration of my internship that included:

  1. Promoting community engagement from the City’s Sustainable Community Action Plan
  2. Compiling metrics from PACE (property assessed clean energy) financing providers to help future decision making in the City and the progress the City has made towards the environmental reduction goals in the Sustainable Community Action Plan
  3.  Promoting incentives and recruiting more participants for the Green Business Recognition Program
  4.  Researching Green Purchasing ordinances implemented in other cities and developing a method Rancho could potentially adopt
  5.  Reforming the Heathy Earth RC webpage with information on Electric Vehicle rebates available to residents.

These tasks were assigned in order of importance so I started researching what kind of initiatives the top Cities in sustainability have adopted and been successful in (in correlation to task 1). Not only did this task include what city policies to adopt, but also how other cities include their citizens in sustainable living through means of a community green team. This group of residents would plan events and follow through with the goals listed in Chapter 3 of the Sustainable Community Action Plan, linked here:

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