Taking Initiative | #4

One thing my time in my office, as well as in Washington, D.C. as a whole, as taught me is the sheer impact taking initiative can have on future prospects.

Specifically in my the office I am interning in, I have found that many time the staffers are busy and cannot simply always take the time to stop and delegate certain roles. Thus, I have made it a point to individually go to specific members of my office to offer help instead. This way, they know I am available, and I can also learn more specific details about the office functions and duties that I otherwise would not have been directly exposed to.

Further, taking the initiative to go to specific events and meet people outside of the office in D.C. has been truly beneficial as well. This has allowed me to meet people in different occupations that I may one day want to explore, and hear first-hand their own experiences. This also has led to me being introduced to possible contacts that can offer guidance and help in the future.

D.C. has taught me that — if you are willing to take the steps — there are many people open to helping you further your career and educational goals.

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