That’s A Wrap

As my internship winds down I think has been a really eye opening experience. I wanted to figure out if I wanted to work at a large nonprofit like this after I graduate and I think I found my answer. I learned a lot about the organization and what it takes to build an organization like this and I’ll be able to take that with me for the rest of my career. I think my next steps will be to look for opportunities in the for-profit sector and becoming a marketing consultant. I really enjoy working on different projects at once, traveling, and strategy. I learned that I don’t like sitting in front of a computer all day and I’ll definitely try and find a position that allows me to stretch my legs.


I also found that even though I love video – I don’t want to edit videos all the time. It’s a lot of work and having your work critiqued by everyone can be disheartening. I definitely will stick with it as a hobby but I don’t think I’ll make it a part of my career.


I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity and I learned a lot about myself this summer. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!




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