To Be Humane | #2

During my internship last summer at a major entertainment agency, interns came in picking and choosing who they were going to allow in their “in crowd”. Sort of like the drama teen shows of high schoolers finding their place and simply deciding who was popular and who wasn’t. I wouldn’t define myself as lame or popular, I’m simply a floater. I like to get along with people like me and people that are opposite of me; I’ve always worked well with people and that’s one of the traits that one needs if they want to work in the entertainment industry. It’s a collaborative work environment and opening your circle to as many who has the same interest as you is important, especially when starting out as an intern. You don’t shut people out because of their wardrobe, hair length, skin tone, etc.

While last summer this is what I witnessed while working amongst was those competitive interns, this summer working at Discovery, I have once seen this. I never had to experience the feeling of not being accepted because of who my family isn’t, where I come from, or my SES. I thought that this was how the industry works by being cut throat but it depends on the setting and the people that you work with. I work side by side with one other intern who is as bright, talented, and hardworking as me. While she is a woman of color as I am, I am able to uplift her because who else will?

Our bosses and the execs see the work that we put in together; which just to shows that we are able to work well together and we’re not here stepping on each others toes. This is how it’s supposed to be and this environment makes my job even more rewarding. Support those around you! This is not a Ross class where the curve will either benefit you or hurt you; this is real life and real people folks, stop the pettiness and give yourself permission to be human.

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