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Jacobs, Cordova & Associates is a global consultancy firm that was founded in 2001 with the purpose of promoting international development and economic growth through regulatory reform and impact assessment. The firm is known for a process known as the RegulatoryGuillotineTM which is used to streamline regulations within a country which often lead to better business practices, thus reducing poverty and stimulating growth. The firm is composed of a variety of international experts on topics such as: regulatory reform, impact assessment, trade policy, good business environments, growth and poverty reduction, simplifying administrative procedure, and regulatory impact analysis. The directors and staff have published over one hundred publications on these topics and work with organizations such as the World Bank, USAID, the European Union, as well as federal governments for nations such as Mexico, Ghana, Lao PDR, and many more.

I hope to gain experience related to international economic development. I chose this position because it was in the private sector and I believed I would learn about the different facets of international service that aren’t directly working with the State Department. This internship has also taught me many crucial skills related with business management such as accounting, professional communication skills, and how to conduct a business globally. Jacobs, Cordova & Associates currently has three offices in Washington DC, Mexico, and Ireland. The Directors and Staff work everywhere from Laos to El Salvador. As an intern I’ve had to update their CVs and send them projects to bid on. I’ve learned how to communicate across time zones and polish my English and Spanish skills as I communicate with consultants that speak 4 or more languages.

My first day at the internship was filled with tons of new vocabulary and learning the ropes of all the different tasks that are required to manage a consulting firm. I learned all of the industry terms such as: tenders, expressions of interest (EOI), requests for proposals (RFP), and a slew of other acronyms for development agencies around the world. I also learned how to use specific websites to find tenders, which represent potential projects for the directors and associates. I struggled with the research on the first day because it was difficult to identify which tenders were applicable to our firm. I also learned how to send the perfect business email as I was tasked to provide an introduction to myself to send to the other staff of the firm. In all, it was a very educational day and I left feeling excited for what was to come.

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