Wrapping Up | #4

As I concluded my final day at the Washtenaw County Office of Public Defender, I felt a sense of nostalgia for the impactful experience of this summer. Unlike with previous jobs/internships, I did not feel the mental satisfaction of completion as I left the office. Instead, I felt as though my time working within the criminal justice system has just begun.

My last day of work aligned with the final workday of an investigator who is moving from Ann Arbor to South America to pursue an exciting job opportunity, so the entire staff of attorneys, investigators, and the remaining handful of interns hosted a lunch to celebrate his time at the office. It was great to have lunch with my boss and a handful of other attorneys with whom I have worked this summer. When each person spoke about their time with the investigator who is departing, I truly understood how much this work meant to them. It was an enjoyable and inspiring footnote at the end of an incredible summer internship.

In my final post, I intend to more full reflect on my experience, but for now, I just want to build upon the skills and baseline knowledge that I have acquired throughout my time at the Washtenaw County Office of Public Defender.


“Hey, do you mind taking a picture of me outside of the office for a blog post?”

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