Wrapping Up | #5

Thirteen weeks has certainly flew by. This Friday I will be wrapping up my three month internship program with Quicken Loans in their litigation department. This experience has been amazing and extremely education. I cannot extend enough thanks to my co workers who taught me so much about the law field and treated me like an equal in the entire process.


Thinking back on my time here, it is crazy to think about how much I have grown. Not only am I now much better at my job, I feel more confident working in a professional atmosphere. As well, I now feel like the legal field is right for me, something that was unclear to me thirteen weeks ago. I found what I was doing meaningful and interesting, something not all interns can say.


Quicken Loans was an ideal place to have my first real internship. I felt like my voice was valued and that I was taken seriously. Quicken Loans being the amazing company that they are, really had an intense focus on developing their interns. Between workshops, one on one shadowing sessions offered to any team member in the entire company, and some cool bonuses (Detroit Tigers games and tours of Detroit, just to name a few), I can’t even begin to think of all the fun and engaging things I’ve had the chance to do. I have not only learned an insane amount about my field, but I have made some priceless memories.


I’m excited to head back to Ann Arbor to start my junior year, but I will always treasure the unique experience I’ve had while working for Quicken Loans and its Family of Companies. I cannot think of a better internship program in the country, and I look forward to hopefully interning here again in the future.


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