#4| Internship Perks

To most summer interns, internship perks mean free food at the office, summer Fridays, office parties, free swag, and event tickets. To me, a self-proclaimed nerd, my internship perks looked a little different but were equally as amazing. My office made sure that I was not only working this summer, but learning about the legal issues we dealt with and gaining access to the professional world I one day hope to join. The legal interns who work here attended Brown Bag lunches at the Philadelphia Bar Association every Thursday and allowed us to join them. The lunches were open to any legal interns in the public interest field and ranged on topics from policy to backlogged rape kits and always included a panel of experts in the field who would explain their career and answer any questions from the students. It was enlightening to hear about a broad range of legal professions and what day-to-day experiences were like for those lawyers. It was also great to be around law students and to hear the types of questions they had and to talk to them about what their law school experiences were like so far. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend a few Continuing Legal Education seminars with our staff attorneys. CLEs are mandatory for all lawyers to maintain their status in the bar and each are worth a certain amount of points. I was able to go to the ones regarding dealing with sexual assault survivors, housing issues, and public policy. Again, it was a great educational experience and foray into the legal field. Lastly, I was able to go to a few events where our staff attorneys were being honored for their work. Not only was it great to be there to support them, but I was able to explore different areas of Philadelphia and network with many different legal professionals. In general, my internship perks this summer were priceless and I am so grateful to have been afforded those many opportunities.

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