Blog #1

Prompt: Describe your internship and what drew you to this oppurtunity?

I am  interning with a start up called SHE. SHE is a digital platform that aims to promote female entrepreneurs of color and also motivate other women to join in under represented industries. I interned with this company virtually during fall semester and decided to journey to New York for the summer to do so again. Luckily this time my role expanded to include communications intern as well as the editorial associate position. Not only am I responsible for all of the digital marketing across social media platforms, I am also a point of contact for all outside communications as well as having a hand in visual content produced for the platform.

What drew me to this opportunity was the company itself. Female empowerment is a huge part of the companies mission statement as well as my personal values. SHE gets it right by highlighting women in predominantly male dominated industries who are making serious strides and a name for themselves. Its easy to only recognize public figures like actors and singers, but to go into these professional realms and pinpoint amazing and high achieving women of color and giving them a platform helps to change the face of said industries.


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