Blog #5: Informational Interview 2

My second informational interview was with a woman in a Detroit specific non-profit organization. She is also currently doing a Detroit fellowship, which demonstrates her passion for the city. I connected with her because she is in the non-profit sector and she also went to graduate school, which I wanted to get advice on. Although I want to go to graduate school for something unrelated to the non-profit sector, I am taking her advice to go straight to grad school after undergrad very seriously. She felt like she wanted to stay on track academically while she was “warmed up”. While she felt a little behind her friends who had full-time jobs, she now feels ahead of them as they are going back to grad school today. What I took away from my interview is that if you are really passionate about something, you can start in that career but continue to make steps within it (her new fellowship for examples). We also both agreed that non-profit work, especially her work in Detroit, is definitely relevant to public policy and I should look into ways to advance my career through the city of Detroit as well as Washington DC. She is an inspiring connection to have because she is dedicated, well-spoken, proud of her job, and an overall happy person. She inspires me to find my passion and run with it and demonstrates that it is okay to go into something very specific as long as you are passionate and still have the drive to grow throughout your career.

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