Blog: Informational Interview 1


I’ve had the humbling opportunity to meet two very great coworkers that have made a true impact in terms of what I expect in my next ideal workplace and what I believe my career should also include.


One of my coworkers recently left, and is off to medical school but she was an ideal person to interview because she did a school path that could possibly be similar to the ideal path for me. She recently graduated and received her MPH at the University of Michigan. She mainly told me that medical school is always going to be there, and that I should explore all other interests before pursuing a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO). This directly applied to me because it confirmed that I will continue to pursue a MPH and experience that field of education.


My other coworker has a higher position in my internship, and she oversees all of the information or data that I collected. I chose to interview her because she works very closely and is available to constructively criticize me and any other proofreading/professional advice to prepare me to become a successful candidate in this workplace. She attended the University of Michigan and achieved a degree from the School of Kinesiology. She explained that every organization, internship, or job should have a lasting impact and you should always be able to learn something from that opportunity that you keep with you forever.

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