Prompt: Have you found a great mentor? If so, what makes him/her great? Have you developed relationships with work peers or supervisors?

I am huge believer in peer mentors. Having someone who essentially is at the same level of life as you who is doing things that you want to do to guide you is so crucial and very motivating. Luckily, I ran into an old classmate of mine rom high school who is making huge strides in making a name for himself in the fashion industry. I’ve always been inspired by his work from his portfolio and I decided to meet with him to sit down and have a chat, mainly seeking advice for the steps I should be taking at this point in my professional life.

This meeting changed my entire outlook on my current position. I realized that I still have time, and that this last year should be me focusing on building a portfolio that brands want to see. He told me to just create, create, create, any and everywhere. After this meting he took me under his wing. He introduced me to industry people and took me to the right events. Thanks to him, this summer has been renamed “The Summer of Realizing Stuff” in the book my life.

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