Endless Potential: The City of Boston

My favorite part of my internship is working for the retail leasing team at Boston Realty Advisors. Over the course of the last 8 weeks, I have been tasked to help different leasing associates on brainstorming concepts that would be interested in expanding to Boston. Boston is certainly no New York City, but I feel as if Boston has the potential to be a close competitor. With the construction of apartments and condos on the rise, Boston has the capacity to attract and house individuals in numerous sectors of business. Given the fact that right in Bostons back yard are bright intellectuals such as those who attend MIT and Harvard and the fact that G.E, Reebok and Google will now train and operate in Boston, the potential for the city to excel is most certainly a possibility. With the influx of human capital in Boston, I believe it is time for the retail sector of Boston to rise to the occasion


One may ask- what makes New York attractive? The answer: endless possibilities and where the “American Dream” can flourish and come alive. I believe the same applies to Boston. Neat concepts from waffle houses, to nitrogen ice cream and even fresh air baked french fries (yes, rather perfect for those on a “diet”), Boston has a place and market for all. I believe entrepreneurs should take the chance on Boston and you never know- they could be the next big thing. During my time in Boston, I have established lines of communication with entrepernuers in hopes of helping them expanding to a new territory. Through my role at Boston Realty Advisors,  I believe the work I have put into this vision for a better Boston does not end when my internship ends. I truly enjoy what I do for BRA day in and day out and look forward to what the future holds in retail real estate.

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