First Steps #4

This week marked the first weeks of me being completely on my own. For weeks now I have been researching, studying and learning all I can about the project I am going to start and its all coming together now. After learning how to use countless assays, procedures and analysis technology I am finally able to start my experiments. The project I proposed involved a flow based study on blood, as a proof of concept my principle investigator had asked me to start with a static analysis in order to prove what I was actually trying to achieve was happening. With an ever growing list of possible assays I could do I narrowed it down to a few I could complete in the short time I had left: hemolysis, thrombosis, and adhesion assays. Designing each of these experiments was straightforward but not easy. Trying to determine which positive and negative controls to include, how many samples, and how much samples proved time consuming. Luckily I figured it out and was able to come with a proof of concept based on triplicate data from my hemolysis assay. I’ve been given the go ahead to proceed with future assays and I will have to brainstorm over the short break that I have at home what needs to be done next and how. I’m excited.

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