From Underdog to Topdog | #3

I tend to experience self-doubt in unfamiliar situations which holds me back from being able to show off and test my abilities. I have never thought of myself as the top student in a class, and I felt a similar lack of confidence going into my internship. Being one of the only interns not majoring in music based studies, I felt I was the underdog. I remember the phone call I had with my mom as I was walking into my first day of work. I told her that I was worried I wasn’t going to meet the standards and that I don’t have the prior knowledge or ability to succeed in this internship. One thing that especially weighed on my shoulders was knowing I was going to presenting to some of the most important people in the industry at the end of my internship. I doubted my ability to create an impressive presentation, let alone get up and present it. Realizing that all of the other interns seemed exceptionally confident with this project, I knew I had to start working that much faster and harder to catch up. I decided there was no turning back now, this was my time and chance to challenge myself. Once the time reached closer to our final presentation date, our supervisors evaluated each one to decide on an order in which we were presenting. Pleasantly shocked, they announced my presentation will be going last because they felt it was the strongest. As honorable as this was, the pressure was on for me to deliver an amazing presentation. Weak at the knees throughout my presentation, I left feeling more accomplished and proud of my self than ever before. As i navigated through my internship I got to see my self imposed lack of ability turn into confidence and dedication which eventually led to me being the topdog.


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