Informational Interview 2-Blog #8

*To protect the identity of the second subject of my Informational Interview, I will refer to the subject as KD


As I have worked with KD for the last 7 weeks of my internship, I wasn’t really nervous to sit down with him to conduct my second Informational Interview. Yet, I still had a sense of excitement, because even though I had worked with him for the last 7 weeks, I hadn’t been given an extended period of time to sit down 1 on 1 and pick his brain, so to speak.

I think one reason which KD and I connected early on during my internship was because we have similar backgrounds and are pretty like minded. KD was also an athlete, and even played semi-professional hockey out of high school for a number of years before an injury ended his career. Furthermore, we are both very competitive. In fact, one of the reasons KD was so excited to have me work at Victory Toyota of Canton was because of my competitive nature. As he put it during the interview, “10% of selling cars, and of business in general, is knowing the product or industry, the other 90% is having more drive to win than your competition.”

This idea of having a drive to win and succeed really struck me during the interview, and has remained in the forefront of my mind since. In all honesty, I think that a lot of the problems we have today as a society and as individuals can be linked back to this idea. I believe that we sometimes spend so much time focusing on finding tools or tricks to get ahead, that we often forget that one of the greatest tools is simple hard work. Take dieting for example, in modern times if someone says they want to lose weight, what’s the first thing they do? They go online and try to find a way to make losing the weight easy, whether that be a new diet plan, or some new pill or supplement they can take. But in reality, the best way to lose weight hasn’t changed, it still is to work hard on exercising more and on eating healthier.

And in no way am I or have I been immune from this problem. In fact, many a time in my life when faced with an obstacle, I have looked for an easy solution, an “easy way out.”

But because of this interview , I really think that I will be able to take what KD said and apply it to my entire life, not just the remainder of this internship or even the remainder of my college career. Now I’m not saying that I’m going to be perfect, or that I will never try to take the easy way out. But after this interview, and of being reminded of the value of hard work, maybe the next time I face a tough challenge in my life I won’t look for the easy way out, I’ll use passion, drive, and hard work to overcome it.


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