Last Week

It’s hard to believe this is already my last week with the JDRF in LA. Spending my summer here has been such a rewarding and enjoyable experience. While I expected to learn a lot about the industry and the logistics involved with nonprofit work, I did not expect to leave having made countless incredibly meaningful relationships. I had the opportunity to work closely with such a variety of areas of the foundation as they gave me interesting projects every week. I’m especially grateful I was able to connect with other type 1 diabetics that were in such different points in their careers. There is another intern, a young adult and an older woman all in this office that have type 1 diabetes and being able to talk to them and connect to them on a deeper level really made this whole experience that much more meaningful.

I am also very excited to continue moving forward in my career. This small glimpse at the nonprofit world has inspired me to work even harder so that when I graduate next spring, I will be able to spend my days working towards bettering others’ lives. This experience has also confirmed my goal of continuing on with my education. While I know my Bachelor’s degree will be immensely useful, I can now see first hand how having an additional degree is very worthwhile. In general this has been an incredible experience and I plan on keeping in touch with everyone I’ve worked with here in the future.


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