Peds Sickle Cell Clinic | #3

My favorite experience so far are my crazy Thursdays at the Pediatric Sickle Cell Clinic at the Children’s Block in Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. On Thursdays, the clinic strictly sees only sickle cell patients which is the demographic that the questionnaire I was administering this summer was based on. On average, there are about 50-60 sickle cell patients so the clinic is extremely crowded and everyone is stressed because they are literally waiting all day just to see the “doctor”, which is usually a resident.

Anyways, my colleagues and I usually see roughly 20 patients since it takes us 30 mins to administer the questionnaire due to it’s lengthy nature. For me, this is enjoyable because I get to talk to all the little children and advise them when they don’t listen to their mothers. Usually, the children don’t like to drink water or to eat three square meals a day which can lead to them experiencing more crises. They usually are shy at first but by the end of the questionnaire they don’t want leave me. This makes my whole day because I love children so much and I want to work in pediatrics once I finish medical school. It helped me see how amazing my future will be and has motivated me to become the physician I want to be in future.

Lastly, by the end of the day, we then have to go to a make shift lab in the maternity ward to administer the urine test. We write down the results for each patient, which we later enter into our online data base. We are collecting the micro albumin for each patient to help analyze their overall health status. The results will later be shared to the patient once they come back to their next visit. These results will later help to see how sickle cell relates to renal disease (kidney disease) through the analyzation of my mentor here at Michigan.


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