Pride in Asking – (Blog Post #3)

“There’s no harm in asking”

I hear that a lot. And for the most part I agree, but my actions don’t really follow. I never want to come across as the person who asks too many questions or who often needs help, especially when I’m at work. Fortunately for me, working with kids really changed my mindset on asking.

Getting to know each and every child I worked with this summer was really imperative for my success as an intern and mentor. Of course, there’s no way I would’ve gotten to know each and every child if I hadn’t asked questions; questions to the children – questions to the staff about the children, questions to the families and community members I met along the way – and all of this insight I gained from asking questions really cemented my relationship with the kids and made this summer a really heartening and insightful experience for me.

And asking for help. I HATE asking for help. But this summer, boy did I ask for a lot of it. When it stopped being about my pride and more about how it affected the children who were trying to learn, it was much easier to ask a colleague to handle a difficult situation so I could always be present with the kids.

When it comes down to it, I really think there is pride in being able to ask for help. Admitting that a tough situation might be handled better with someone else’s help is definitely a difficult skill that I still need to work on, but I think it’s absolutely necessary in any job setting. I’m grateful that I was able to practice this skill with a hard-working and trustworthy team this summer and in the future, I will definitely not be too proud to ask for help in the future.

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