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Last Thursday one of the reps from Coopervision, Patrick Johnson, brought lunch for the office when he came for a meeting with some of our staff, a meeting that I got to sit in. Besides myself, he met with Dr. Lefevre, Kate, our contact lens specialist, and Tracy, the head technician. Coopervision is a contact lens manufacturer, and Patrick just wanted to take the opportunity to go over the advantages of the different lenses from Coopervision that we supply and prescribe to patients.

Patrick did a wonderful job presenting the Coopervision supply.He was very polite, warm, and respectful. He walked us through all the different lenses they offer, from lenses for astigmatism, to daily contacts, to contacts that can worn more long term, from two to four weeks. He made analogies to make sure those of us in the meeting understood the technology in the lenses.

Then on Friday, Jeff Day from Alcon, another lens manufacturer, came in to walk us through how to fit MultiFocal Contacts. While Patrick gave a broad overview of their lenses at Coopervision, Jeff was focusing on one specific type of Alcon contacts. Multifocal contacts are contacts that are used typically by older patients who have both distance and near issues with their vision. Jeff wanted to make sure that the doctors knew how to fit Multifocal contacts because in clinical trials there was an oddity that goes against conventional wisdom.

Both men were extremely accommodating of the doctors and how they worked. They were also sure to be respectful of each other, other reps and other companies. Staying on topic and promoting their own products allowed them to really push their products while still remaining respectful. It’s a fine line to walk and they both did it wonderfully. 

Pearson Miller

Rising Sophomore, Marching Trumpet, Scholar for Life

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