The End | #5

How has your internship influenced your (near) future (school, career, or personal plans)?

Could it be that 12 weeks just flew by? I can only imagine how I’ve changed from the start of the internship. But here I am at the end of my internship, more knowledgeable and curious and outgoing (at least I hope). I’ve encountered many intelligent and caring individuals, but I must admit investment research is not my calling. I enjoy the topic of investments and finance, but reading countless articles to find the optimal strategy or constructing endless excel files for data analysis wasn’t the most thrilling. I want to find something I’m undoubtedly passionate about–something more math related. Of course, I will take everything I learned to heart and continue to use it in the future, but when it comes to applications, I want a career that’s more math-related challenging. I aim to wake up with excitement to go to work as well as find purpose in what I do. I want a career that’ll continue to throw obstacles at me and help crank the cogs in my head.

But, at the end of the day, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped me get this far. Thank you for seeing potential in me to do good work and also motivating me to do better by advising me with a calm and understanding manner. Thank you for the occasional check ins even though I was afraid to approach anyone for help. Most of all, thank you for the friendly environment that made working in the Center more like a friendship rather than an obligatory work contract. I greatly appreciate all the hard work and effort you put into each day, and I will miss you guys!

Hopefully, I can come back after I graduate or even years after with new and exciting stories to tell!

And that’s a wrap, folks!

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