The End/Future Plans | #5


This internship allows me to see business strategy in action. I’m immersed in marketing execution, what drives local sales, and territory management. I’m also learning about the importance of developing good relationships with retailers, time management, detail orientation, and the value of systematic audits to ensure quality control. These were all concepts I covered (or will cover) in my marketing and business classes at Michigan. Seeing them in action provides me with a much richer understanding. I’m hoping to apply this knowledge in my remaining marketing and business classes during my final year at Michigan. I want to be able to talk about what I learned both in class lectures and discussions.

In addition, I know that this internship will allow me to speak from a position of field-based practical knowledge and strategic business insight when I interview for marketing and sales roles upon graduating. I will be able to talk about what I did, what I learned, and what I can contribute to the position that I am applying for. I will then work for a few years and build a stable professional structure beneath me.

I will then use everything that I have learned and return to the University of Michigan to get my Masters in Business Administration from the Ross School of Business. This higher education will put me on very solid ground and will allow me to reach my future goals and aspirations.


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