There’s no “I” in Team | #5

We have all had that one partner who seems to be impossible to work with. This summer I was assigned to a partner who was going to be working with me in the same department throughout the summer. Right off the bat I knew we had very different personalities, but I never had doubts about our ability to work together. Weeks in, I realized I was working with someone who does not like to cooperate. It got to the point where any suggestion I made turned into her opposite reaction. Since she had a dominate personality and I tend to be more of a crowd pleaser, I let her take control and I kept my mouth shut. I decided that any arguments and tension would only hurt our overall dynamic and slow down the process of completing our project. This then backfired, in my favor, when we were presenting our first draft to our project managers. They disapproved and criticized all of the work she had done so she put the entire project in my hands. Being behind in time at this point, I stayed in many lunch breaks and after hours to show my best approach to this project. I overcame a sense of relief when I received the approval of both my partner and managers of my hard work. After this moment, my partner was able to realize that my ideas weren’t too bad after all. We stared working better together than ever and we were able to deliver a final project we were both exceptionally proud of. Cooperation can sometimes be very difficult because it takes more than one person. There are so many different personalities you will have to work with in life and it’s not always easy to see head to head with certain people. Each teamwork situation needs to be evaluated differently in order to produce the most efficient work ethic and final outcome.


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