UCLA Applied Math REU – Final Week | Blog Post #5

Today, we had the final presentation ceremony in the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics Building. The event took place from 9 am – 4:15 pm. All the eight groups did a wonderful job presenting their research work throughout this summer. The eight groups focused on topics like environmental crime, analysis of fungal networks, crime detection & analysis, robotics and cardiology. Four prominent officers of the Los Angeles Police Department were invited to watch the crime analysis presentation. In the morning, all participants were served doughnuts and coffee. Lunch was served at noon followed by a photo shoot session for the entire REU team and the different subgroups along with their mentors.

We are now working on our research paper (abstract) that is due on 11th Aug (this Friday.) We will have to include in-depth explanations of all mathematical concepts used or referred to for our research. This final submission concludes the program. I will be visiting Griffith Park and Observatory this weekend and relax for a few days before beginning to prepare for what is  most likely going to be a busy Fall semester!

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