Why I chose my Internship & My First Day Summary | #1

First allow me to introduce myself before I dive into my internship. My name is Stacia Everett and I am a rising sophomore hoping to major in Public Policy. This summer I decided I wanted to sign up for a program entitled Semester in Detroit which is a study abroad program that allows UMich students to engage with the city through classes  (about the city or related to the city ) and internships with non-profits across the city.  The place I ultimately interned with was Learn Early ( formerly known as E3 talent design lab) a non profit organization that delivers high quality professional development and educational programming to metro Detroit’s early learning communities. So how did I end up choosing this place for internship?

When applying to Semester in Detroit one of the application questions asks “What are the biggest problems do you think Detroit faces?” My answers scoped how I would look for my internship since these were two major issues that I had great interest in , my answers were the neighborhoods and the education system. With that being said thats what led me to Learn Early, even though the issues in the education system within Detroit that I had experienced were in the upper level I figured what better way to solve those problems then starting at the beginning in early education (age 0-8).  I was ready to put in work anyway I could.

(Excerpt from my Journal) May 16, 2017: I had to be in the office at 9am, in business casual. Not knowing what to expect I came in full business attire capri pants suit with pumps. I made it to the office at 8:45am. The office was colorful with about 30 cubicles ( I even got to have my very own cubicle) , a kitchen, and two meeting areas. I was able to meet my supervisor Jillian who told me my plans for the summer. I would be co leading and assisting on some projects, the main one being “Good Off Paper” a project designed to highlight best practices in classrooms of early learning centers across the city to provide to families and educator within in the city of Detroit. My job would be to contact early learning centers across the city, get best practices ,  assist with making the website, and promote the website. So I knew for a fact that it would be a long summer but I am excited to start this process. My first day was short but only for longer days to come.

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