An obstacle I overcame | #5

One of the biggest mistakes I made at work was sending out something without checking it out first. We send clothes to photoshoots and stylists every day but before we do that we have to sign it out online in Fashion GPS before we pack it up, so that we know who has what and where all our samples are. We had one pack-up that was already done and ready to go out, when my boss asked me to add a pair of shoes to the bag. There was a miscommunication and I didn’t check them out on Fashion GPS I just added them to the bag. This is a huge problem if it happens and no one notices, because then Fashion GPS says the clothing sample is here but it’s not actually in the office, and we don’t know where it is. I had no idea I had done it but luckily my boss caught it a few hours after it happened and we were able to correct it. After that, I became more careful to make sure that everything I was packing up was already signed out, and not to assume my boss had done it because the majority of the time she doesn’t because checking things out on GPS and packing them up is my job as an intern. After I made this mistake I became more focused and paid closer attention to what I was doing instead of just moving through the motions. Even though I’m comfortable packing things up and signing them out, I still need to be focused and paying attention every time I do it to make sure a mistake like that doesn’t happen again.

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