Blog 2: Work Culture

A positive or “healthy” work culture is essential in creating an environment where employees are appeased and dynamic. A company can be looked at the same way as a sports team. In order for a sports team to be successful and everybody needs to be get along, and have the same goals in mind as well as a strong work ethic. You will never see a team with poor chemistry win a championship, it just doesn’t happen. The same goes for a company, it will never reach it’s full potential unless there is a healthy work culture. Examples of a healthy work culture are employee equality, employee appreciation and recognition, employee discussion, team building activities, and organization.

At Valiant Brand, the place I am interning, it was evident early that there is a healthy work culture. It seems as though everyone that works here is very good friends making it not only enjoyable socially but also making it easier for me to learn and develop new skills. I think if I was doing an internship in a company that did not have a healthy work culture it would be more difficult to fully develop the skills you want to learn.


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