Blog 5: Overcoming Obstacles

One of the most valuable things I have learned during my internship is to always give it your all. There is always a solution to a problem which might even lead to some interesting findings. I have learned to execute rather than ponder and take action even if it it is in small increments. A great example would be the main project that I have been working on in the Fulfillment department. There were times where my current implementation of my program lead to issues and bugs. But digging deep into the problem and consulting with my mentor, manager and others on the team, I came up with unique solutions that not only solved the problems I encountered but also made the model that I was working on more durable and maintainable for use in the future. This experience has taught me to always keep my head up and look for flaws that I can improve upon. This way, I am able to leave my mark and make lasting contributions. To be able to make a difference in such a competitive environment is truly a motivating experience for me and only makes me want to keep going!

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